Month: July 2014

Ethics Opinion 1012

New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 1012 (7/30/2014) Topic:     Conflicts arising from limited-services pro bono representation Digest:   A lawyer who represents a client in a limited pro bono legal services program owes a continuing duty of confidentiality to that client, and is precluded from later representing a materially adverse client in the … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1011

New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 1011 (7/29/2014) Topic:    Duty to remedy fraudulent submissions to administrative agency Digest:   Duty under Rule 3.3 to remedy false statements made to a “tribunal” does not apply to applications for visas or work permits, though other rules may apply. Rules:    1.2(d), 1.6, 3.3, 4.1, 8.5(b) … Continued

July 29, 2014: The New York Bar Foundation Announces Fellowship and Scholarship Recipients

Six law students at New York law schools have received fellowships and scholarships from The New York Bar Foundation. “The Foundation congratulates these students on receiving these awards,” said Bar Foundation President Cristine Cioffi. “We strive to advance legal research and education. Through the support of gifts from the State Bar Association sections, we are … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1010

New York State Bar Association  Committee on Professional Ethics    Opinion 1010 (7/21/2014) Topic:     Advertising; second opinions Digest:   A firm may advertise that it provides second opinions to represented parties. Rules:    4.2(a), 7.1, 7.3 FACTS 1. The inquirer is a member of a law firm that advertises via public media including radio.  The firm … Continued

July 21, 2014: New York State Bar Association Announces New Committee Chairs

State Bar Association President Glenn Lau-Kee of Manhattan (Kee & Lau-Kee) has appointed 18 attorneys as chairs and co-chairs of committees within the Association. The standing and special committees of the State Bar sponsor conferences and seminars, monitor legislation and conduct research studies. Each committee contributes to policy-making, both in subject areas and Association-wide. The … Continued