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The well-being of attorneys is critical to the effective practice of law, the public trust, and the culture of our profession – all of which make it of paramount importance to the New York State Bar Association. Being a lawyer is personally and professionally rewarding, but it also is stressful, exhausting, and taxing. Every lawyer “knows” that taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is important to our well-being, but  manifesting that self-care in the midst of a fast-paced, relentless profession feel out of reach for many of us.

The purpose of the NYSBA Attorney Well-Being initiative is to examine the life of a lawyer from law school through retirement and beyond in order to identify resources and practices individually, socially and culturally which can assist lawyers in making self-care accessible, effective, and meaningful.

Articles, programming, and other practical resources are available to guide and inform you in achieving the Attorney Well-Being initiative. Be sure to check out past programs and make plans to attend upcoming programs, such as our L2L Well-Being Roundtable held every Thursday at 4 pm. More details on the Roundtable can be found under the Upcoming Programs tab on the left. In person programming will resume as soon as it is safe to do so, in the meantime, additional online programming is being created, so be sure to check back often.

If you have a well-being question, submit it to Emails are reviewed and answered regularly.

If you need more immediate assistance with a well-being concern, reach out to Stacey Whiteley, Lawyer Assistance Program Director at 518.360.2352 or by email All communications are confidential.




Lawyer to Lawyer Well-Being Roundtable

Confidential. Free. Peer to Peer Support.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the current state of the world and the practice of law feels like it is changing minute by minute, leaving many lawyers uneasy, anxious, and unsure. If you are experiencing these feelings, you are not alone. Join other lawyers, law students and judges from across the state in a free and confidential support group being held weekly on Thursdays at 4pm via Zoom.

Each group session will be loosely organized under a theme for discussion. All participants will be given the opportunity to share if they wish, with supportive discussion to follow. This group is a support and discussion group. It is not a 12-step recovery group nor a therapeutic group. Its purpose is to discuss and share concerns, while connecting and supporting others in the profession. The L2L Roundtable is not a substitute for and should not be considered medical, psychiatric, or legal advice. It is supported by the Attorney Well-being Committee and by the Lawyer Assistance Program.

Facilitators: Libby Coreno, Chair of the Attorney Well-being Committee and Kerry O’Hara, PsyD


Mindfulness for Lawyers in a Time of Stress
Learn how to use mindfulness to improve your immune system and calm your fears, while also maintaining social connections via electronics to prevent loneliness. You will also learn how to control stress and in turn improve productivity, creativity and the ability to uphold your ethical responsibilities as an attorney.

“LPM Day”: 20/20 Vision 
This program focuses on important topics for solo/small firms including a segment called “Lawyer Well-Being: Ethical Considerations.”

Attorney Wellness/Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession 
Thomas C. Nicotera, Esq. | Lawyer Assistance Committee | Albany
Paul W. Van Ryn, Esq. | Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP | Albany

“LPM Day” – Hot Topics in Law Practice Management 2019
This program focuses on important topics for solo/small firms. Panelists cover what you need to know about tax changes, working remotely and complying with the NY Rules of Professional Conduct, time management and attorney wellness.

“LPM Day” – Hot Topics in Law Practice Management 2018
This program focuses on hot topics in law practice management. Panelists cover what you need to know about key considerations for protecting your firm, how to recognize alcohol and substance abuse among colleagues, attorney wellness, ESI and forensics, ethics of email, ABA Formal Opinon 477, protecting client information, and  technology and billing while providing practical advice.

“LPM Day” – The Law Firm Check-Up 2017
A strategic review of your firm’s operations, current processes and procedures can identify challenges and areas for improvement. As the year comes to close, now is the perfect time to take a step back and review where you are and where you are headed. Call it your annual physical.

What Makes Lawyers Happy
Practicing law can be stressful. Unmanaged stress can lead to career dissatisfaction, mental health problems and substance abuse. Recent research based on a survey of New York Lawyers and lawyers from several other states identifies the key elements to keeping stress at bay and finding balance in lawyering. These protective elements of happy lawyering will be discussed by the panel as well as the signs and symptoms of mental health problems that sabotage health and happiness and jeopardize your ability to practice law competently.

Lawyer Assistance Program | Prevention, Intervention and the NY Rules of Professional Conduct

Lawyer Assistance Program | Prevention, Intervention and the NY Rules of Professional Conduct | What You Need to Know in New York

The Attorney Well-Being Task Force announced a series of podcasts that will be made available all throughout Attorney Well-Being Week, with a new one released each day via our News Center.  Please click on the links below to listen to each one individually.


The Case For Attorney Well-being: A Profession In Change

Who Are We Anyway? Exploring The Realities and Challenges In The Culture Of Law

The Mindful Minute: Quick Tools and Tips To Add Mindfulness Techniques To Everyday Life

Staying Connected: Meaning and Purpose For The Senior Lawyer

The Physical Addiction To Stress: Fighting As A Way Of Life

Roundtable Resources




You’re Not Lazy-Self-Isolation is Utterly Exhausting
Gillian Sisley

Recommended Readings from Roundtable Attendees

War of Art: Break Through Your Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles
Steven Pressfield

Atomic Habits: an Easy Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
James Clear


New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Assistance Program
Confidential assistance for law students, lawyers, and judges who are struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use and other conditions that are creating difficulties for you or someone you care about.

COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline

ABA’s Attorney Well-Being Committee
Resources, education and leadership on well-being topics.

ABA’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs
Hotlines, resources, publications and events related to substance use and emotional health issues.