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The State of Diversity in New York’s Judiciary TEST

This article is part of New York Law: A View From the Bench, a special section in the May issue of the NYSBA Journal edited by Court of Appeals Associate Judge Michael J. Garcia. Read Judge Garcia’s introduction to the section here. My colleagues have expertly captured the significance of New York law and recounted … Continued

Reflections of a Former Law Clerk

As a junior attorney, I cherished my time as law clerk. I can only hope to provide my own court attorney the same challenging, thrilling, and rewarding experience that I had.

New York Law in Federal Court: A Brief Word on Certification

The interests of justice are not well served if New York law does not enjoy consistency in both state and federal courts. Fortunately, through use of the certification process, the Second Circuit and the Court of Appeals have minimized the possibility of competing views on New York law.

New York Law: A View from the Bench

Our legal history is a great New York narrative: Leading jurists, a vibrant bar, and a unique docket combine, generating prominence and influence well beyond our borders.