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NYSBA’s Pro Bono Network Doing the Public Good

While waiting to be admitted to the bar, recent law graduates are helping with research and serving as translators to help more experienced attorneys serving unemployed New Yorkers affected by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 250 unemployed New Yorkers have been matched with an attorney to help them appeal denied unemployment insurance claims since NYSBA … Continued

New York Law: A View from the Bench

Our legal history is a great New York narrative: Leading jurists, a vibrant bar, and a unique docket combine, generating prominence and influence well beyond our borders.

Working Remotely: 4 Tips for Law Firm Success

Thanks to advances in technology and a seemingly limitless number of real-time communication channels, the options for and success of remote working have exploded over the past five years. While some fields and professions have embraced these changes more than others (think engineering), professional service providers, including lawyers, haven’t been as quick to adopt remote … Continued