Thank you very much for your interest in the COVID-19 pro bono network coordinated by the New York State Bar Association in partnership with the New York State Court System. New York State needs the help of attorneys to handle a surge in legal matters resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic fallout.


Current Programs

  • Unemployment Insurance Pro Bono Assistance Network –This project, announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on April 11, 2020, will connect volunteer attorneys with New Yorkers who are trying to better understand the Unemployment Insurance benefits system and the application process.

Upcoming Webinar(s)


Unraveling the Unemployment Insurance Benefits Hearing Process (Webinar)

When Sheltering at Home Isn’t Safe: Understanding and Responding to the Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in New York (Webinar)

Landlord Tenant Practice – Key COVID-19 Updates for Upstate Practitioners (Webinar)


On-Demand Webinar(s)


Applying for Unemployment: Client Counseling Under the CARES Act (2020)



Are You Interested in Being a Volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the link below and view the various pro bono opportunities we currently have available.  Feel free to click on each opportunity to view more details and then “express your interest” if it’s an area you would like to offer assistance with.

Are You Seeking Assistance with your Unemployment Insurance Claim?

We launched this effort to generate volunteer interest with New York State Attorneys to help members of the public during this difficult time.


Additional Ways to Volunteer

Free Legal Answers is a Virtual Legal Advice Clinic where attorneys can answer questions from the public on civil legal issues on a limited scope basis.  NYSBA is the New York State administrator for this program on behalf of the ABA. For more information, or to register as an attorney volunteer, click on the link below:



COVID-19 Information Center

The New York State Bar Association has transformed the homepage of our website and social medial accounts into legal COVID-19 information centers. Be sure to visit the site daily for the latest news and information.