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The Coming Revolution in International Mediation: The Singapore Convention and Its Impact
The New York Convention enhanced the use of international arbitration to facilitate growth in international trade. Will the Singapore Convention foster the same advances for mediation and result in enhanced global trade? 
Moderator: M. Salman Ravala, Esq.
Panelists: Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq., Christina G. Hioureas, Esq., Luis M. Martinez, Esq., Deborah Masucci, Esq., Nancy M. Thevenin, Esq.

Change Is Here: ADR and the NY Courts – The New Presumptive ADR Program
By September 1, the Chief Judge has directed all Judicial Districts in the State of New York to develop plans for implementing Presumptive ADR. We will have a townhall presentation allowing all of us to speak with the two Deputy Chief Administrative Judges as well as the Senior Administrators working with them to implement the ADR initiative state-wide – all of our presenters are closely involved with this revolution that litigators and ADR professionals need to understand. They can answer your questions. We can engage in a dialogue about the Chief Judge’s groundbreaking initiative.
Moderator: Daniel F. Kolb, Esq. 
Panelists: Hon. Vito C. Caruso, Hon. George J. Silver, Lisa Courtney, Esq., Lisa M. Denig, Esq., Hon. Joel R. Kullas, Bridget M. O’Connell, Esq.

Fostering a Successful New York Presumptive ADR Program
The new presumptive program will hopefully bring a culture change for New York lawyers and parties. How can ADR professionals assure its success, aid the courts, and assist all stakeholders? What can our Section do? A panel of experts who are addressing the issues in New York, have already addressed similar issues in other States, and will raise issues and report on possible solutions.
Moderator: Laura A. Kaster, Esq. 
Panelists: Robert E. Margulies Esq., Rebecca Price, Esq., Jonathan Rosenthal, Esq., Hon. Jeffery S. Sunshine

Expert Insights on Drafting Awards That Will Stick
An extraordinary panel of arbitrators will focus on protecting the award and provide actual drafting techniques.
Moderator: Marcia L. Adelson, Esq. 
Panelists: Hon. William Bassler (ret.), Sasha Carbone, Esq., Hon. Timothy Lewis (ret.), Edna Sussman, Esq.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Future of ADR
What can AI do for dispute resolution? Can AI improve risk assessment? What are Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw planning for our future?  
Moderator: Ross J. Kartez, Esq. | Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C  
Panelists: Lucas Bento, Esq., Alyson Carrel, Diana Colon, Esq.,Colin Rule

Ethics in Mediation: Threats, Realities, and Modalities
This panel will begin with a debate on whether the ethics rule that bars threat of criminal prosecution to gain advantage in a civil matter should be altered. It will end with a participatory group reflection on dealing with coercion and manipulation in negotiation and mediation.
Moderator: Simeon H. Baum, Esq. | Resolve Mediation Services, Inc.
Panelists: Lawrence S. Goldman, Esq., James B. Kobak, Jr., Esq., Kathleen M. Scanlon, Esq.

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