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AbacusLaw has been the leading legal practice management software for 35 years. Its easy-to-use tools simplify your workflows and empower your firm, including case management, time tracking, billing, and accounting operations. Members save 20% on case management workflow software. Call (800) 726-3339 for more details or visit their website.

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Clio is the exclusive cloud-based practice management system of the New York State Bar Association. Lawyers use Clio to organize their cases, invoice clients, track time, and access their documents. Working on Mac and PC, and through iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, lawyers can easily access and manage their practice from any location and on any device.

It is the only practice management platform that integrates with other NYSBA member benefits, like Fastcase for legal research. Clio also integrates with other popular software like Dropbox, Quickbooks, Google Mail, and Google Apps, letting law firms design their perfect practice from their favorite tools.

Newly admitted attorneys receive the first year FREE following their admission to the Bar. NYSBA Members receive a 10% lifetime discount.

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For more than a decade, LawPay’s online payment technology has been trusted to help law firms get paid easier, more securely, and 39% faster. More importantly, LawPay ensures your firm accepts payments in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.NYSBA Members receive a 6 month FREE trial (a $120 savings) on the LawPay preferred payment solution.

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JDL Group

JDL Group offers Security Assessment and Management as a Service to keep your sensitive case file information safe. Receive the preferred lowest rate for Information Security Products.  Law firms will receive a $600 per law firm discount for onboarding services per law firm location. NYSBA members will also receive a $13.00 discount per month for each device assessed.

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PAGE VAULT software allows legal professionals to easily capture webpage content (social media, corporate websites, blog posts) in a way that is forensically defensible and legally admissible. With one click, webpages are archived exactly as they appear online, key metadata is automatically stored, and an easy-to-share output file is created. Captures can be immediately downloaded or imported into standard eDiscovery platforms.Affidavits are also available that attest to the patent-pending architecture that preserves an evidential chain of custody. In addition to software solutions, Page Vault also offers Collection Services to assist law firms with complex webpage and website captures. This service is especially suitable for high-volume capture projects, such as websites containing large numbers of pages. NYSBA Members save 10% on month-to-month subscriptions and 20% on annual subscriptions.

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Ruby Receptionists

With Ruby Receptionists, you get a team of customer experience experts devoted to building trust with every caller—making current and potential clients feel special while making you look good. Our live, remote receptionists create great impressions with your English and Spanish-speaking callers and help set your firm apart by answering with your custom greeting, transferring calls live wherever and whenever you want, taking messages, collecting intake, making follow-up calls, and more. Our feature-rich mobile app empowers you to manage your service from anywhere and make outgoing calls from your business line (if we host your number), and Ruby integrates seamlessly with practice management tools Clio, Rocket Matter, and Lexicata, streamlining your client communication. Members receive an 8% discount on services.

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Never worry about hefty shipping costs again with this deal from UPS.

NYSBA Members save up to 50% on UPS® shipping services as well as 50% off select services, including air, international, ground and freight, for up to four weeks after being enrolled.

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Digital Age Marketing Group/

Digital Age Marketing Group/ is a full-service online marketing firm. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media content marketing, video production for Law Firms, website creation, and directory sites for the legal industry.


We focus on driving more pay clients to law firms’ websites, leveraging social media and search engines to bring more filtered, targeted potential business to our clients. Converting online searchers into paying customers is our ultimate goal, and we excel at executing digital marketing campaigns that not only bring people to the law firms website, but converts them into paying customers.

Digital Age Marketing Group/ offers a guarantee in writing on our SEO services which works as such; we will guarantee in writing that the law firms’ website will appear on the first page of Google, either in the maps section or the organic section for a particular geographic location or the monthly fee is waived.

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Zola Creative

Zola Creative is a leading law firm website design and marketing company that utilizes the latest in web development technology and cutting edge design to build state of the art legal websites that are highly functional, fast-loading, user-friendly, and search-engine optimized. We offer a complete suite of content and website tools which are designed to drive a successful online marketing campaign. NYSBA Members save 25% off one-time setup fee.

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