More than 70 years ago, the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law Section became one of the first sections to be formally organized by the New York State Bar Association. During the ensuing years, this group – the first organization in the country to be composed of in-house, law firm, government and trade association attorneys practicing food and drug law – has been a focal point for practitioners in this specialty. We welcome you to our expanded website!


Meet the Chair

Brian J. Malkin of Washington, D.C. is the new chair of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law Section.

Malkin is counsel to Arent Fox LLP. He has more than 23 years of food and drug law practice and over 12 years of intellectual property law practice. In particular, his practice includes the interrelation between patent law and food and drug law. Brian’s regulatory experience includes all types of FDA-regulated products: drugs and biologics (including animal drugs and biologics), medical devices, foods and dietary supplements, tobacco products, and cosmetics. His intellectual property experience includes FDA and patent litigation for both innovator and generic companies, as well as patent prosecution for life science companies.

A 12-year member of the State Bar, Malkin also is a member of the Health Law, Intellectual Property Law and International Sections.

Malkin earned his undergraduate and law degrees from George Washington University. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Maryland.

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