For more than 140 years, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) has been the voice of the legal profession in New York State. Our mission is to shape the development of law, educate and inform the public, and respond to the demands of our diverse and ever-changing legal profession. By being one of our tens of thousands of members, you gain access to our premier members-only legal resources, programs, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

Membership Dues

In-State Dues

  • Attorneys admitted 2012 and prior: $275
  • Attorneys admitted 2013 - 2014:  $185
  • Attorneys admitted 2015 - 2016: $125
  • Attorneys admitted 2017 - March 31, 2019:  $60

Out of State Dues

  • Attorneys admitted 2012 and prior: $180
  • Attorneys admitted 2013 - 2014: $150
  • Attorneys admitted 2015 - 2016: $120
  • Attorneys admitted 2017-March 31, 2019: $60
  • Newly Admitted Attorneys *Free*

Newly Admitted Attorneys  *Free

Newly admitted Attorneys (admitted on or after April 1, 2019) and Law Students enrolled in an ABA accredited law school qualify for complimentary membership.

Information for Members Outside of the U.S.  [Click Here]

Section Dues

  • Antitrust: $30
  • Business Law: $25
  • Commercial & Federal Litigation: $40
  • Corporate Counsel: $30
  • Criminal Justice: $35
  • Dispute Resolution: $35
  • Elder Law & Special Needs: $30
  • Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law: $35
  • Environmental & Energy Law: $35
  • Family Law: $35
  • Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law: $30
  • General Practice: $25
  • Health Law: $35
  • Intellectual Property Law: $30
  • International: $35
  • Judicial: $25 (Limited to Judges of Courts of Record)
  • Labor & Employment Law: $35
  • Local and State Government Law: $30
  • Real Property Law: $40 (Attorneys admitted 5 years or less are $10)
  • Senior Lawyers: $20 (Attorneys age 55 and over)
  • Tax: $25
  • Torts, Insurance, & Compensation Law** : $40
  • Trial Lawyers: $40
  • Trusts & Estates Law: $40
  • Women in Law: $30
  • Young Lawyers: $20 (Law students and attorneys admitted less than 10 years)

Each NYSBA Section carries their own dues schedule and requires additional Section registration.  For more information [Click Here]

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David M. Schraver

“Being a part of NYSBA is part of being a lawyer.”


Sharon T. Hoskins

“My NYSBA membership is invaluable. It has enabled me to enhance my knowledge, hone my skills, and develop useful relationships with recognized leaders — all within my practice area.”


Michael D. Mann

“I can tell you that my real-world leadership experience in NYSBA’s Young Lawyers Section allows me to meet firsthand with many successful and influential attorneys.”


Fernado A. Bohorquez

“My NYSBA membership helps me keep in touch with the pulse of our profession. It continually updates me on the issues most pressing to my practice.”



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