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Rossana Rosado

NY Secretary of State Rossana Rosado | Can You Spare 5 Minutes For The Census | Miranda Warnings

Secretary Rosado also dispels some common misnomers about the Census and gives tips on how New Yorkers can identify scam attempts. Fill out the Census at
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The Physical Addiction To Stress: Fighting As A Way Of Life

Libby and Kerry talk to Dr. Tara Shelby, N.D. about being physically addicted to stress, what happens in the body, and how it affects overall wellbeing. They also discuss what type of treatments are most effective for lawyers breaking the cycle.
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Staying Connected: Meaning and Purpose For The Senior Lawyer

Libby and Kerry talk with Stephen Gallagher and C. Bruce Lawrence about the role meaning and purpose play for senior lawyers. They also talk about the need for the legal profession to have a serious dialogue about utilizing the skills of attorneys currently in the workforce that are age 55 and up as well as finding ways to create forums…
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The Mindful Minute: Quick Tools and Tips To Add Mindfulness Techniques To Everyday Life

Libby and Kerry talk with Beth Novik about the benefits of mindfulness and how it can lead you to be a better problem solver and more productive and creative. They also discuss the importance of making mindful transitions between work and home and how beneficial mantras are for self-care.
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Who Are We Anyway? Exploring The Realities and Challenges In The Culture Of Law

Libby and Kerry talk to Kathleen Fyfe about the three keys to making a systemic change to a culture as large and diverse as the legal industry; authentic awareness of what gets rewarded, aligned leadership to implement changes, and openness to the outcome of the process.
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The Case For Attorney Well-being: A Profession In Change

Libby and Kerry talk about attorney wellness in the time of COVID-19, what they're learning about the profession from their research, and the pervasiveness of maladaptive perfectionism in the legal profession.
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Jack Newton, CEO of Clio | Using Legal Superpowers To Help Unemployed New Yorkers | Miranda Warnings

Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of the legal technology company Clio joins David to discuss the help they’re providing the New York State Bar Association to launch a pro bono initiative, how the embrace of technology has changed the legal profession in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis, and dispel the myth that lawyers are slow to adapt to…
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Brenda Berkman | FDNY’s First Female Firefighter | Miranda Warnings

Brenda Berkman, activist, artist, and the first female firefighter in FDNY history joins David to talk about her trailblazing career, the obstacles women face and why the number of female firefighters still remains so low.
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Emergency Task Force for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners | Miranda Warnings

Domenick Napoletano (Brooklyn, NY) and June Castellano (Rochester, NY), co-chairs of the NYSBA Emergency Task Force for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners join David to talk about the work they’re doing to help lawyers impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis. With more than half the members of the State Bar Association working as solo … Continued
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The Paul Weiss Coronavirus Resource Center Is Here To Help | Miranda Warnings

Paul Weiss chairman Brad Karp along with partners Robert Atkins and Michael Gertzman join David to talk about the firms Coronavirus Resource Center
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